semi-fortunate turns of event
Friday, August 15, 2003
  Drinking beer by the computer. J is worried about the worm; I shouldn't even be online. I was thrilled to the gills with children today for who knows what reason. Ann called me many times. I guess I shouldn't talk about it except to say I was glad to hear her voice.
I crawled into bed with J just to say goodnight and that
Ann had said the same. I was attacked. He pulled and tugged and pushed; removed my glasses. We had a very good time.
I very tentatively let my nails across his back. Not enough to scratch, but he loved it and fondly called me a "kinky" girl. He seemed very pleased with all that had happened. We've been very lucky, and that is the absolute truth. 
Thursday, August 14, 2003
  So lost in my head. Miss a dear old friend of mine like he is a drunken memory and I am a privelege piece.
really, it is the other way around.
Also, not much to live for but plenty of time for it. The sun is arising, telling me it is past time to retire, but I know how I feel in the mornings. They are too long with too little to live for. I think I'm depressed. 
I believe in karma, no matter how much I dislike the word.

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